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Peruvian President Boluarte expected to testify in corruption investigation


Peruvian President Boluarte expected to testify in corruption investigation

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte is expected to testify in a corruption investigation today.

Boluarte, who took power in 2022, experienced a rough start to her presidency marked by violent protests over the ousting of her predecessor Pedro Castillo. Currently, she is under investigation for illicit enrichment. In the last few days, dozens of police and prosecutors have raided her home and office as part of an investigation into Boluarte’s collection of luxury watches and “deposits of unknown origin” to Boluarte’s bank accounts.

Despite widespread calls for Boluarte’s resignation, the president has survived two impeachment proceeding attempts as neither reached the number of votes required to commence impeachment debates in Congress.

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A third attempt is unlikely to succeed since right-wing legislators have a majority in Congress and support Boluarte. Although six of Boluarte’s ministers have resigned this week over the scandal, Peruvian Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen recently won the vote of confidence in Congress, meaning the rest of Boluarte’s cabinet will not be forced to resign. Though Boluarte has survived these hurdles, the president is expected to face challenges throughout the end of her term through 2026 as she is largely unpopular with the public.

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