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Peruvian president to appear before prosecutors


Peruvian president to appear before prosecutors

Pedro castillo prosecutors
Photo: Martin Mejia/AP

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo will be questioned by a state prosecutor today as part of an investigation into military promotions, after a delay of two weeks.

Two former army and air force commanders came forward in November claiming that they had been fired for refusing to promote officers hand-picked by Castillo and his former chief of staff, Bruno Pacheco. Pacheco was fired earlier this month after prosecutors found $20,000 in cash in his office bathroom.

The accusation of favoritism in military promotions is only one of several allegations of corruption plaguing the embattled Castillo administration. In late November, a secret meeting between Castillo and a lobbyist was exposed, which prompted his right-wing adversaries in Congress to attempt impeachment.

Though Castillo survived the previous impeachment attempt thanks to his left-wing allies, he may not survive another, which an unfavorable result to the prosecutor’s investigation could bring. Despite his leftist campaign, Castillo has tacked towards the center since entering office, which could lead some radicals to believe they would be better off with Vice President Dina Boluarte and consequently allow the unpopular Castillo to be removed from office. This would kick off a political firestorm in the already-turbulent country.

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