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Pakistan People’s Party to march towards Islamabad


Pakistan People’s Party to march towards Islamabad

The Pakistan People’s Party will March towards Islamabad today. Photo: Daily Times

Pakistan’s opposition Pakistan People’s Party will hold an anti-government protest march from Karachi to the nation’s capital, Islamabad, today.

The convoy is predominantly protesting recent price hikes—including the price of gas and subsequent fuel shortages—as part of a wider political campaign by all opposition parties to introduce a vote of no-confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government. This includes lobbying parties supporting the current government to cross the floor and aid in the ouster.

Whether the opposition have the numbers to vote out Khan remains uncertain. However, events this week suggest they are close. The opposition Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) have recalled all their lawmakers back to the capital.

Several leaders’ meetings between opposition parties have also taken place. Yet, the government has been adept at dividing the opposition on key votes recently and is likely to employ similar tactics to sway this vote. This includes potentially addressing cost of living issues—the impetus for the protest.

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Votes of this magnitude historically depend on the military. Should the military withdraw support from Khan’s administration, certain support parties like the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) are highly likely to side with the opposition. However, there is no major consensus that military support has shifted.

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