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President Biden delivers 2024 State of the Union


President Biden delivers 2024 State of the Union

US President Joe Biden will deliver the 2024 State of the Union (SOTU) address today.

As in previous years, members of Congress will use the opportunity to draw attention to various issues through their guest choices. Biden reportedly invited Yuliya Navalnaya, widow of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, but she is unable to attend. Other members have invited reproductive rights activists, family members of hostages held in Gaza, and the parents of jailed journalist Evan Gershkovich.

The address comes just two days after Super Tuesday primaries, which solidified Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s status as the main candidates going into general election. The address comes at a pivotal moment for President Biden as his approval ratings are down and he trails Trump in polls. It provides an opportunity for the President to highlight his achievements in office and address concerns regarding his age.

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Expect Biden to emphasize the strength and speed of the post-COVID economic recovery and stress the importance of promoting democracy. However, given recent public concerns, Biden is also likely to address immigration issues and call on Congress to support the bipartisan bill providing funding for Ukraine in exchange for tougher immigration policies.

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