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President Biden to Attend NATO Summit in Brussels


President Biden to Attend NATO Summit in Brussels

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Photo: Christof Stache/AFP

US President Joe Biden will arrive in Brussels today for a NATO summit during his ongoing European tour.

Biden’s first overseas trip is intended to advance his efforts toward re-establishing the US as a leading world partner. As evidenced by his approach to the recent G7 summit, his administration is taking an alliance-focused approach to international affairs. NATO is critical to this, with the alliance underpinning US foreign policy since 1949. The US commitment to NATO weakened under President Trump, who criticized its members for insufficient defense spending while cutting Washington’s contribution to NATO’s collective budget by 16%.

The summit will serve as Biden’s first international opportunity to reassure allies who previously doubted their ability to rely on the US. He likely will do so by reaffirming Article Five, NATO’s mutual-aid provision obligating members to view an attack on one as an attack on all.

NATO leaders will also look towards countering growing Russian interference. Some members, like Turkey, may push for establishing Membership Action Plans–proposed outlines of future membership–for Ukraine and Georgia. Germany will likely try to block this, arguing against establishing them for currently occupied countries. Still, Biden’s support signals a refreshed era for the alliance.

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