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President Pedro Castillo to face questioning over corruption allegations


President Pedro Castillo to face questioning over corruption allegations

Photo: Gian Masko/AFP

Today, federal prosecutors are set to investigate Peruvian President Pedro Castillo for a scandal involving improperly promoting military officials. 

Elected only four months ago, Castillo has been suffering from a 25% approval rating and rampant social unrest. Last week, a motion to begin impeachment proceedings over allegations of corruption failed, garnering only 76 out of 130 votes. The Peruvian Congress would need 87 votes for a final impeachment. 

As the fifth president in five years, expect Castillo to struggle to retain his base of rural voters and boost Peru’s economy at the same time. A major flashpoint is the copper mining industry, of which Peru is the world’s second largest producer and makes up 62% of national exports. In response to protests by activists decrying the environmental degradation, Castillo’s government tried to revoke four mining licenses, only to end up caving to pressure from the mining industry. In line with today’s questioning, expect continued investigations into the numerous allegations of corruption, including collusion between the Castillo administration and private mining interests. While lawmakers have put the possibility of impeachment to rest for now, right-wing opposition will likely seize any opportunities in the future to highlight Castillo’s poor governance.  

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