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Primary elections to be held in Honduras


Primary elections to be held in Honduras

Honduras Elections
Photo: Brookings Institution

Voters in Honduras will head to the polls today to vote in nationwide primary elections.

The elections come as Honduras faces a growing humanitarian crisis and international scrutiny over its handling of narcotics trafficking.

Struggling with the damage wrought by November’s Hurricanes Eta and Iota as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, Honduras faces a food crisis. According to the UN World Food Programme, three million Hondurans now face food insecurity, with areas hardest hit by the pandemic suffering the most. Additionally, Honduran President Juan Hernandez is under fire for alleged collusion with narco-traffickers in the country.

While Hernandez’s regime denies corruption and continues to claim that the country remains stable, an uptick in drug crime and trafficking, as well as a continued exodus of Honduran refugees north to the US, belies these assertions. Today’s vote will gauge how much longer Hondurans will tolerate government leadership that has eroded Honduras’ sovereignty and driven its people to extraordinary measures. Return results showing losses for Honduras’ governing National Party of Honduras will serve as a reliable indicator that political change—peaceable or violent—may arrive in the short to medium-term.

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