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Prospect of new elections in Lebanon increases as talks over new premier stall


Prospect of new elections in Lebanon increases as talks over new premier stall

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Parliamentary consultations to form a new government in Lebanon formally begin today.

President Michel Aoun will begin the process of naming a new prime minister more than a month after nationwide protests led to the resignation of Saad Hariri. Several names for a new premier have been proposed since, but each suggestion has prompted a backlash from protesters, who are calling for a complete purge of political elites from any new government.

The latest frontrunner is Samir Khatib, a businessman who has already received an endorsement from Hariri. However, Khatib’s candidacy is likely to fail. The head of a large contracting and construction company, the combination of his resume and an endorsement from the former premier is unlikely to bode well with demonstrators.

With Lebanon’s economy on the verge of collapse and demonstrations largely continuing unabated, government leaders are under tremendous pressure to elect a new premier. In the event last resort talks between Lebanon’s governing blocs fail, it is highly likely that new elections will be held.

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An election may see a wave of popular support bringing new reformist parties to enter the political scene and institute a wave of structural reforms. Such reforms could include constitutional and legislative changes that empower the countries courts to tackle corruption or even a formal revaluation of the country’s sectarian political system as an institution.

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