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Russian Pacific Fleet ship departs Thailand


Russian Pacific Fleet ship departs Thailand

The Russian anti-submarine warship, Admiral Panteleyev departs the port of Sattahip located in Thailand today.

The warship’s arrival in Thailand served as a means of facilitating cross-cultural and military knowledge between the two states. During the visit, Russian military personnel were exposed to historical Thai landmarks and engaged in a friendly football match with their Thai counterparts.

Reciprocal visits of warships have been a longstanding tradition between the two navies with the earliest one dating back as early as 1863 and the previous one being in 2019. Therefore, according to the Russian Ambassador in Thailand, this particular visit is customary and aimed at strengthening existing military exchanges and cooperation between the two states.

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Moscow’s decision to dispatch Admiral Panteleyev to Thailand while dispatching the other half of the Pacific Fleet Squadron to conduct a joint naval exercise with India underscores its geostrategic commitment to regional naval allies. By developing stronger naval and military ties with states that have opted for a neutral stance within the Russian-Ukraine war, Moscow aims to gain support within from states through naval diplomacy. Expect Moscow to chart a similar diplomatic path, especially with ASEAN states that have adopted a similar diplomatic posture as Thailand.

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