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Ryanair to resume flights to Israel today


Ryanair to resume flights to Israel today

Ryanair resumes flights to Tel Aviv effective today.

According to corporate, the move comes following Ben Gurion International Airport’s decision to reopen the terminal for low-cost flights. The popular European airliner reported that in March it had to cancel almost 950 flights in March due to the Israel-Hamas war.

There is no indication that Ryanair cancelled flights to boycott Israel. Since the start of the conflict in Gaza, supporters of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)—an international movement calling for a boycott of all Israeli companies and businesses allegedly complicit in violating Palestinian human rights—have increasingly called for companies to sever ties from Israel. Given the size of Israel’s economy (the 28th largest in the world by GDP), corporations have been reluctant. This has led to BDS to call for a wide range of boycotts against companies that continue to do business with Israel—including McDonald’s, Puma, HP, Chevron, Disney, Google, Airbnb and Amazon.

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As such, unless the human rights concerns of the war dramatically worsen, do not expect large companies to heed the BDS call. Similarly, do not expect the BDS call for boycott to have any significant impact on the firms that continue to do business with Israel

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