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Scholz expected to receive President of EU council Charles Michel


Scholz expected to receive President of EU council Charles Michel

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is expected to receive President of the EU Council, Charles Michel, in the Federal Chancellery today.

Expect the two leaders to prepare for the European Council summit in Brussels on March 21-22, where heads of state and government will discuss the EU’s continued support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s invasion.

Michel will likely talk to Scholz about the recent controversy surrounding Germany’s contradictory positions on Ukraine, though Michel probably won’t sway him in a particular direction. Scholz has confused allies by refusing to supply Kyiv with cruise missiles, pointing to the risks of Russian retaliation, even as he criticizes those same allies for not sending more military aid to help Ukraine. Scholz expressed concern that supplying Ukraine with weapons like Taurus cruise missiles—which could possibly take out the Kerch Bridge linking Crimea with Russia—would perturb Russian President Vladimir Putin to the point that he would retaliate against Germany.

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Though Scholz will likely reiterate his reluctance for strategic ambiguity, he will remain hesitant about supplying missiles to Ukraine to help them retaliate as nearly 60 percent of Germans oppose the move. Scholz will try and maintain his domestic public support ahead of the elections he will face in 2025.

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