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Senegal to launch new online platform for judicial reforms


Senegal to launch new online platform for judicial reforms

Photo: AP/ Carly Petesch

Senegal has launched a new online platform today as part of a national dialogue on judicial reforms where citizens will be able to input their views.

The platform, called “Jubanti,” or “redress,” is intended to give a voice to all citizens. New President Bassirou Diomaye Faye has stated that the platform is part of his commitment to a transparent and efficient justice system.

The new platform comes after a huge strain on Senegalese democracy, and it is likely to ameliorate these recent tensions. In early February, former Senegalese President Macky Sall announced a ten-month postponement of the presidential elections that were to take place later that month. His actions were viewed as an unconstitutional attempt to extend his term and sparked widespread demonstrations.

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Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Given the human rights violations that occurred following Sall’s announcement, including tear gas and arrests of the opposition, citizens are looking for a president who will uphold democratic values. Radical change is not expected, but Faye’s emphasis on hearing citizens’ voices so soon after taking office will help rebuild trust in governmental institutions. At the same time, however, the efficacy of the platform will ultimately depend on the extent to which Faye and his administration can incorporate platform feedback into concrete judicial reforms.

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