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Seoul to host International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition


Seoul to host International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition

Josh Smith/Reuters

This year’s Seoul International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition (ADEX) will begin today and last until October 24.

An annual trade show, ADEX will showcase hundreds of domestic and international exhibitors with the latest in military hardware. This year’s theme revolves around the procurement of new aircraft platforms by the South Korean Air Force. As such, exhibitors are expected to present the latest in unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics and a full-scale mockup of the nation’s KF-21 Boramae fifth-generation fighter.

ADEX will provide an opportunity for South Korea to advertise the nation’s latest technologies, both as a deterrent to rivals and as a promotion of domestic capabilities. With the KF-21 encountering years of delays and project restructuring, Seoul wants to ensure its Indonesian partners in the program that the funding committed thus far hasn’t been wasted. Concurrently, Seoul is looking for other governments to place orders of their newest drones and UAV’s, and has steadily been advertising new stealth drone and reconnaissance technologies in the months leading up to this event. The country is as determined as ever to build up and maintain its military and defense industry to combat a belligerent and nuclear North.

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