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Singapore gambling arrestees to appear in court


Singapore gambling arrestees to appear in court

singapore gambling
Photo: Singapore Police Force

Six of the twenty-eight defendants apprehended in a Singapore gambling bust will appear in court today.

Singaporean officials conducted a large-scale operation last week against illegal remote gambling, arresting 28 individuals and confiscating $1.2 million, the largest sum seized in a single police raid. Suspects are likely to face charges up to five years in prison for violating Singapore’s Remote Gambling Act. Illegal gambling represents a growing problem for Singapore as unlawful betting has recently been on the rise.

Expect Singaporean law enforcement to increase its nationwide crackdown against remote gambling. Moving forward, the Singaporean parliament will likely contemplate new legislation that increases the cost of illegal gambling. Harsher prison terms for those breaching gambling laws are likely. By making this move, Singapore aims to counter illicit underground gambling organizations and keep the country’s overall crime rate low. Additionally, Singapore will possibly increase the number of licensed casinos to attract the attention of its citizens and tourists and to prevent them from partaking in illicit gambling operations. This way Singapore will ensure the popularity of government regulated casinos that are a significant component of the country’s tourism sector and a major source of tax revenue.

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Photo: Ahn Young-joon/AP

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