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Spanish Prime Minister to visit Costa Rica, meet with Central American leaders


Spanish Prime Minister to visit Costa Rica, meet with Central American leaders

Photo: Bloomberg

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is set to visit Costa Rica today.

In today’s visit, Sanchez is set to meet with Costa Rica’s President Carlos Alvarado, and the leaders of the remaining six Central American nations. Spain is a prominent partner for the region and been a vital element to their regional integration process by assisting in strengthening democratic institutions, achieving sustainable economic and social development and reducing environmental vulnerability.

During his visit, Sanchez will likely address migration and forced displacement since the economic situation of many countries in the area is driving immigration to Europe via Spain or the US or Europe. Thus, Sanchez will likely push to address the long-standing structural causes of migration. Spanish companies can help generate employment through foreign investment in key sectors like tourism and technology or in finding ways to adapt to climate change.

Building on promoting a sustainable recovery for the region, expect Sanchez to advocate for developing joint projects in renewable energy infrastructures, in generation, transmission and energy efficiency through the Spanish Renewable Energy Consortium. This will likely provide support in training to businesses in Central America, especially in Costa Rica that has great environmental ambitions and foreseen projects.

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