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Sudan’s new cabinet to be unveiled as government contends with security issues


Sudan’s new cabinet to be unveiled as government contends with security issues

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Members of Sudan’s new cabinet will be unveiled today as the country establishes a transitional government following the toppling of President Omar al-Bashir in April.

Sudan’s prime minister will nominate 18 ministers in the 20-member cabinet, while military members of the executive will nominate the interior and defence ministers.

Military and civilian representative groups entered into a power sharing arrangement to move the country toward civilian rule after a 39-month transition period began on August 4. Two weeks later, these representatives enforced a Sudanese constitutional declaration. On August 20, an 11-member executive body composed of five military personnel and six civilians took power, led by former UN official Abdalla Hamdok, who was also elected prime minister.

Internal security remains Sudan’s biggest challenge at the moment. Violent tribal clashes in Port Sudan—a major maritime gateway used to export oil—have led the executive to declare emergency in the Red Sea state. Security forces have been placed on alert to contain further such possible incidents.

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Given the precarious peace arrangement, expect the new government to take significant strides to avoid escalating social tensions. To do so, it will likely implement governance measures to divert the population into local economic activity, at least in the immediate future.

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