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Talks between Venezuela’s Maduro and opposition to begin


Talks between Venezuela’s Maduro and opposition to begin

Maduro and opposition to begin talks
Photo: Gaby Oraa/Bloomberg

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government will resume talks with the opposition movement today in Mexico City.

Led by Juan Guaido, opponents of the Maduro regime seek a peaceful solution to the countries crisis through a new round of dialogues which began on August 13. At their last meeting, the two parties discussed electoral timetables, lifting sanctions on regime leaders and economic and human security.

A top priority for Maduro is easing US sanctions on his government. Though ousting him from the presidency is a nonstarter in negotiations, Maduro will likely offer certain concessions which may include freeing certain political prisoners—one prisoner was released after August negotiations—or loosening restrictions on political parties. However, future concessions will not likely put Maduro’s political stability at risk.

Opposition parties will focus on institutional changes beyond the electoral schedule, such as creating an inclusive political system through a transparent institutional framework. Still, given the failed history of bilateral talks, these negotiations seem to favor Maduro, as Guaido’s party has been visibly weakened amid signs that Venezuela no longer holds Washington’s attention. However, if new elections turn out to be a fiasco, the US is likely to increase pressure political pressure on Maduro’s regime.

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