Thai pro-democracy youth activists hold anti-coup rally

Thai protest reuters
Photo: Reuters

Thai youth activists, led by the United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration (UFTD), will hold a pro-democracy protest tody at Mahasarakham University in Maha Srakham Province.

Today’s showing marks the latest in the youth-led movement that began with the ban of the popular Future Forward Party in February. While mainstream protesters are calling for the dissolution of parliament, the end of political suppression and a new constitution, an increasing number have called for decreasing the power and prominence of the monarchy.

Expect continued uncertainty as the student demonstrations grow in the coming weeks. While students have taken to the streets nationwide, real change hinges on support from any faction within the military-backed ruling political party or the monarchy. The demanded reforms would curtail the power of both, making such support unlikely. Should the protests reach a tipping point or the monarchy side with the protesters, another military coup would not be out of the question. The fact that today’s protest is being held in Northeast Thailand demonstrates, however, that the movement is likely here to stay as it grows beyond its youth-centered Bangkok roots.

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