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Today marks the 6th anniversary of the Iran Nuclear Deal


Today marks the 6th anniversary of the Iran Nuclear Deal

Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Today marks the six-year anniversary of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Due to deteriorating relations between Tehran and Washington during US President Donald Trump’s administration, the US withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—which lifts sanctions on Iranian exports in exchange for Iran’s promise to cease developing its nuclear program. Shortly after Washington withdrew, Iran enriched its uranium capacity beyond the limits established by the agreement. Since April, Tehran and Washington have engaged in indirect talks to restore the original 2015 accord. However both parties have made far-reaching demands concerning regional issues, halting the slow-progressing negotiations.

Although Iran’s new hardline president-elect Ebrahim Raisi has expressed willingness to resume Iran’s obligations under the deal, a full agreement among the parties will likely be challenging. Apart from Tehran halting its latest nuclear progress, the US and its Western allies will press for the implementation of additional terms aimed at barring Tehran from aiding pro-Iran militias in the region such as Hezbollah. Although Tehran does not acknowledge that it funds such groups, Tehran will hesitate to negotiate on terms that Washington will put forth as Tehran fears that such concessions will drastically alter it’s long-term foreign policy objectives in Syria and Yemen.

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