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UK-Liberia Trade Mission to begin


UK-Liberia Trade Mission to begin

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The UK-Liberia Trade Mission will take place today in a hybrid format.

The event will bring private and public sector stakeholders in Liberia and the UK together to discuss opportunities for investment in Liberia. The primary focus of this investment will be energy transition, but investment prospects across Liberia’s private sector and the ease of conducting business in Liberia—where the US dollar is legal tender alongside the Liberian dollar—will also take precedence in the meeting.

In the short-term, expect Liberian government agencies to highlight the benefits associated with greater investment in their nation, specifically in private mining and energy.

In the medium-term, expect support to continue for the private sector as Liberia hopes to reap previously untapped and desirable dividends from tourism.

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In the long-term, expect the UK’s keen investment in Liberia to continue to facilitate development. This follows similar regional aimed at countering the UK’s geopolitical rival China’s concurrent investments in Africa. Ultimately, if the UK and their allies fail to garner support for their investments in Africa, expect China to rapidly fill the gaps and present continuing challenges to the present international landscape as they leverage their investments abroad to export authoritarian surveillance governance.

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