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Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, and US to hold military exercises through July 30


Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, and US to hold military exercises through July 30

Military exercise Three Swords 2021 to begin 2
Photo: Reuters

Three Swords 2021, a military land exercise between Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, and the US, begins today in Ukraine through July 30.

The first international exercise organized by the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade (LitPolUkrBrig), Three Swords 2021 engages more than 1,200 military staff and over 200 combat vehicles in the western part of Ukraine. This exercise comes a week after Sea Breeze 2021 ended amidst tension between Moscow and NATO due to Russian naval ships firing warning shots at British ships and a Russian land military buildup in April along the Ukrainian border.

Today’s exercises are not expected to ease tensions in relations with Russia between the Three Swords partners or NATO. While an immediate escalation in tensions is unlikely, the chances of provocations along the lines of conflict in eastern Ukraine cannot be ruled out—particularly amid simultaneous exercises in southern Ukraine being led by Britain until July 24. Russian military equipment is still present near the border of Donbas and will likely remain there until at least September 2021, and Putin recently sparked speculation of another military action in the disputed Ukrainian region.

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