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UN Security Council to meet regarding recent North Korean aggression


UN Security Council to meet regarding recent North Korean aggression

North Korea
Photo: Sue-Lin Wong/Reuters

The UN Security Council (UNSC) will hold an extraordinary meeting today on North Korea.

Pyongyang test-fired two ballistic missiles on March 25, its second weapons test since US President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The launch necessitates a UNSC meeting as it violates UNSC Resolution 1874, which demands that North Korea halt missile testing.

North Korea often uses missile test-launches to assess US presidents, especially new ones. The Biden administration is currently formulating its policy towards North Korea, with an update expected in the coming weeks.

Expect the UNSC to condemn North Korea’s launch for its violation of Resolution 1874. As Biden establishes his administration’s rapport with North Korea, it would not be surprising if he uses the missile test as an excuse to convene talks with the country, most likely including South Korea and China. North Korea leader King Jong-un met twice with former president Donald Trump, so may agree to meet Biden.

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If such talks were to be called, North Korea may agree to temporarily halt further tests in return for food aid, as the country suffers from famines exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it likely will refuse to fully discontinue nuclear development—North Korea maintains its influence through its unpredictability, to which its nuclear capabilities are key.

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