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UNSC opens debate on Israel-Palestine conflict


UNSC opens debate on Israel-Palestine conflict

UNSC debates Israel-Palestine conflict | Photo: Mike Segar/Reuters

The UNSC today opens a debate on the latest iteration of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

Israel has vowed to increase the scale of bombing into the enclave, and has repeatedly ordered the one-million residents of northern Gaza to relocate south, clearing the way for a ground invasion. Meanwhile, Western governments have increased appeals for Israel to adhere to international law and for increased aid to be allowed into Gaza.

Today’s debate follows a UNSC resolution last Wednesday led by Brazil, which called for humanitarian pauses in order for aid to be delivered, which the US vetoed on the grounds that it made no mention of Israel’s rights to self defence. Prior to this, two Russian amendments – which called for an immediate, durable and full ceasefire – were also rejected by the council, as they contained no mention to the role of Hamas in instigating the conflict.

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Given the divergent geopolitical agendas of the UNSC permanent members, each of which has veto rights, it is unlikely the council will be a meaningful player in this dispute’s resolution, especially in the short term. Instead, expect to see resolutions drafted which support the political agendas of individual members states.

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