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President Biden’s climate envoy to visit UAE


President Biden’s climate envoy to visit UAE

US Climate Envoy in UAE
Photo: EPA

The US Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry will arrive in the UAE today to take part in a climate dialogue for the Middle East and North Africa to be hosted by Abu Dhabi.

The dialogue is part of a nine-day trip that began on Thursday and will feature representatives of nations around the Gulf region and North Africa.

Expect today’s dialogue to focus on developing renewable energy solutions, exploring the potential of new zero-carbon energy sources and reducing carbon emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. Emirati Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber has emphasised combating climate trends as a specific concern for the Middle East. His tenure has focused on mitigating water insecurity and desertification and has seen renewable energy increase to 25% of total Emirati power production.

Kerry will likely encourage the Emirates to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and to prioritise sustainable energy solutions. But while the UAE has expressed willingness to research sustainable energy, oil and natural gas constituted over 45% of Emirati exports in 2020. As such, despite external pressure, Abu Dhabi is unlikely to roll back production significantly in the medium-term.

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