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US to hold ‘Super Tuesday’ presidential primary elections


US to hold ‘Super Tuesday’ presidential primary elections

US to hold 'Super Tuesday' presidential primary elections

‘Super Tuesday’ primary elections will take place today across the US.

Fifteen states will hold presidential primary elections, with millions placing votes for this years’ Republican and Democratic nominees. Super Tuesday is widely viewed as the final hurdle to claim the requisite delegates for party nomination. A total of 1215 is required for nomination with 874 available today alone.

2024’s Republican presidential race has been dominated by former President Trump, with only former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley left in the race. This is so despite Haley losing her home state’s primary to Trump last week by a significant margin as well as the current delegate count standing at 224 for Trump and only 24 for Haley. Super Tuesday is usually seen as the ‘make-or-break moment’ for candidates in a tight race, yet today is widely seen as a rubber stamp on Trump’s domination of the Republican Party. There are legal uncertainties for Trump in 2024, which is Haley’s rationale for staying in the race.

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Expect Super Tuesday to be nothing but a Trump show with his nomination sealed as the poll’s close early in the hours of Wednesday morning. In the short term, expect Haley to continue her campaign regardless of any losses today, she will hope to capitalise on any possible conviction. In the long term, expect this Super Tuesday to all but secure a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in November.

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