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US Vice President Kamala Harris to attend Munich Security Conference


US Vice President Kamala Harris to attend Munich Security Conference

Photo: CNN Politics

US Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Germany to attend the Munich Security Conference.

Harris, who also represented the United States at the Conference last year, is expected to give a major speech on America’s foreign policy. Harris is also expected to discuss the ongoing war in Gaza, where escalating violence in Rafah has sparked outrage among supporters of Palestine and calls for the US to place conditions on its military aid to Israel.

Amid security crises in Ukraine and Gaza, US allies are increasingly worried about its security commitments and foreign policy has become a salient issue for American voters ahead of the 2024 elections. Last week, former President Trump questioned the role of the NATO alliance during a campaign rally and said that the US would refuse to defend allies who have not contributed enough to the alliance’s budget. The speech has caused an uproar among US security officials and European allies. In Munich, Vice President Harris is expected to reassure European leaders of America’s commitment to NATO and European security.

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Nevertheless, unless the US House of Representatives passes the Senate bill that provides aid for Ukraine and Israel, Harris’ reinforcement of US security guarantees will do little to reassure European allies that America remains committed to helping Ukraine.

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