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Venezuelan government and opposition parties to resume reconciliation talks


Venezuelan government and opposition parties to resume reconciliation talks

Yuri Cortez AFP
Photo: Yuri Cortez/AFP

The Venezuelan government and its opposition parties will resume reconciliation talks for the fourth time this year in Mexico City today.

After accusing President Nicholas Maduro of using dialogue to buy time and relieve international pressure, the four opposition parties under the so-called “Unitary Platform” confirmed that they will take part in the upcoming regional and municipal elections on November 21.

This round of talks is expected to address Venezuela’s corrupt judicial system, which UN human rights experts recently ruled complicit in covering for the abuse of political opponents—including killings, torture and sexual abuse.

These talks have not fully addressed the country’s humanitarian and economic crises, which will continue through the November elections. Despite the appearance of a united front from the opposition parties, fragmentation among members will continue to weaken an agreement on a pandemic relief package with President Nicolás Maduro’s government and the international community in the short-term.

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Expect Maduro to continue to push for international recognition of the upcoming local elections and Venezuela’s institutions with the goal of legitimizing his government. Although US President Joe Biden has allowed the export of foreign gas to Venezuela, the US is unlikely to permit further concessions in the medium-term.

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