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Zelensky to convene conference of Ukrainian diplomats


Zelensky to convene conference of Ukrainian diplomats

Photo: Andy Buchanan/Pool/Getty Images

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will hold an annual foreign policy strategy conference with diplomats today as the country faces a number of strategic challenges.

The meeting will include several ambassadors as well as the minister of foreign affairs and the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council and will cover priorities like strengthening ties with the EU and countering Russian aggression. The Russia issue is especially important as Russia continues to build up troops on the Ukrainian border, raising concerns in both Ukraine and the international community about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Expect the talks to focus heavily on dealing with the Russian troop buildup, and for a concrete strategy, at least within Ukraine’s leadership, to form. Further, expect Ukraine to request more and higher quality military equipment from the US and NATO, which the Biden administration has been hesitant to greenlight for fear of escalation. While it’s unlikely that this particular buildup will result in invasion –similar moves were made last spring– it’s also highly unlikely that in the long-term the US and Ukraine will agree to Russia’s demands that NATO not expand eastward which does leave open the possibility for conflict in the future.

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