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Geopolitics newsletter | May 27 – Jun 4


Geopolitics newsletter | May 27 – Jun 4

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen speaking at the EU-China video summit in April 2022. Source: AP/Olivier Matthys


Geopolitics Newsletter May 27 – Jun 4, 2024

French Company Metex extends takeover offer deadline amid EU-China trade tensions

Metex announced that the deadline for takeover bids of its Lysine factory would be extended
until June 3 amid financial problems. The company is the sole-European based producer of
Lysine supplements, a key diet product. The company previously complained to the European
Commission about Chinese dumping measures making its business uncompetitive.
In the previous week, the EU launched investigations into Chinese dumping measures in
regards to Lysine and tariffs may follow. The EU has also begun investigations into similar
dumping accusations regarding electric vehicles while China has retaliated with its own
investigations. As both the EU and China seek to achieve greater resource independence trade
ties are likely to become more fraught as protectionist measures are implemented. Read more


Arab heads of state visit China – May 29 – Jun 1

China is increasing its involvement in the Arab world and Middle East, having worked to mediate a settlement to the conflict in Gaza. Read more

Chinese vice foreign minister visits US – May 30 – June 2

Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaouxu participated in a series of talks with U.S. counterparts on Chinese military drills near Taiwan and U.S. trade tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles. Read more.

Ireland, Norway and Spain recognize a Palestinian state — May 28

The countries offered recognition in an effort to support peace talks. The move sparked outrage
in the Israeli government as pressure mounts on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to cease
operations in Gaza. Despite international warnings, Israel has continued to bomb the Gaza
Strip. Read more

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken visits Moldova – May 28

The U.S is seeking to bolster its support of the Moldovan bto integrate itself into Europe.
Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova, has received heavy Russian support bthat support
has sharply declined since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war. Read more

Biden, Belgian PM Alexander De Croo meet at White House – May 31

The meeting centered around Belgian efforts to seize Russian assets frozen abroad. De Croo
and Biden may be cooperating in such efforts. Read more

National Security

Senegal launches online judicial reform platform — May 28

The new platform was launched amid calls for greater transparency in the government. The new
platform aims to ease unrest around human rights violations in the country. Read more

See Also
New Zealand Foreign Minister

Western leaders allow Ukraine use of weapon systems inside Russia – Jun 1

Following increased Russian missile and drone attacks in the Kharkiv region, leaders such as
the US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz now officially allow strikes on
Russian territory with western weapons. Read more [External]

Politics & Economics

Georgia’s parliament overrules presidential veto for foreign agents law – May 27

The law forces NGOs and other groups to register as foreign agents if they receive significant
funding from abroad. The US and EU have criticized the law, with the latter suggesting it will
hinder the country’s accession process to the bloc. Read more

UK dissolves parliament ahead of July general election – May 30

The opposition Labour Party currently has a large lead in opinion polls over the ruling
Conservative Party. A Labour government may be more ambitious with the country’s climate
goals alongside changes to migration and security policy. Read more

South Africa releases election results – June 2

The ruling African National Congress failed to win an absolute majority of seats in the country’s
parliament for the first time in post-apartheid elections. Lengthy coalition negotiations with
potential governing partners for the ANC are likely. Read more

The Week Ahead

European Parliament elections to be held — Jun 6-9

Right-wing parties across the continent are expected to make gains that could influence future
EU policy. Read More [External]

Belgium to hold national, regional elections — Jun 9

Occurring at the same time as the European elections, the far-right Flemish Interests party is
expected to become Belgium’s largest party. Read more [External]

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